Or are you waiting for life to show you the cards it has laid out for you?

Designing your life is more than finding a great job, creating an amazing relationship and decorating your house (although it DOES include all of that).

Designing your life is more about making a stand in life and proclaiming that you are here for it. You are showing up. You are “in the ring” and wanting to participate.

It is NOT sleep walking through life and avoiding what truly makes life worth living.

It is taking FULL responsibility for your life. It is making commitments to the things you really want and value and STICKING TO THEM.

It is making YOURSELF a very important person. Stating that your wants and needs are of the utmost importance.

NO ONE is going to create your dream life for you. Some people will provide you joy in the short term, but nowhere NEAR the true joy you can generate for yourself.

There are few things I can think of that are more important than being intentional and designing your life. Reminder: You do only get one.

Let’s get to planning why don’t we? Here are a few things to do:
1. Start paying attention to things/activities (however small) that GIVE you energy or that you love.
2. Make a list of 25 things you truly want – every other thing should be something you want and already have; it’s harder than it seems!
3. Write down all doubtful thoughts that come up when thinking about gaining these 25 things. Address each one from the perspective of it already being achieved.
4. Create an action plan to get these DONE. Breaking steps down as small as possible is key.
5. Draw a “life pie” with the following categories to see where you are full and where you need to put more attention: Health, Work, Play, Love. Then add a small step into each day to slowly bring the lacking areas up to par.

At the end of the day, KNOW designing your life is a process and might continue to change but as long as you’re “in the ring”, trying things and making your life better, you’ll come out a winner.

What is ONE thing you want to “design” into your life?

⚡️💋 L D