Over-thinking can be an addiction. We can INDULGE in it. Why? Because if we stay in the thinking phase it will keep us safe from making the “wrong decision” all the while making us feel semi-productive to boot! As if over-thinking was productive.

The more we overthink, the more fear we invite in and the more unsettling our thoughts become. It’s a vicious cycle especially to those who suffer from anxiety disorders and depression.

I use to think I couldn’t control my mind. It was just out there, WILD and at any point, it could reign down 1,000,000 thoughts upon me with all of its negative tendencies, spiral loops, all or nothing perspectives. I felt trapped in over-thinking.

While we don’t have control over the 60,000 -> 80,000 thoughts that pop into our head every day, we DO have control over the ones we become aware of and get to decide what to do with the thoughts that have occurred -> whether or not we’ll believe them or feed them or disrupt them.

💋💜 LD