Our minds are ALWAYS on the look out for potential problems. Potential ways of getting hurt (emotionally or physically). We need to realize this because when these thoughts pop up (because they always will), it’s so important to know nothing has gone wrong. We don’t have to automatically agree with these thoughts. We just have to thank our brains for doing their jobs, and assign it a different task:

👉What if instead of disregarding every potential dream that bubbles up in your mind, you wrote your dreams down first? Don’t hold a THING back because it’s silly or unrealistic.
👉Then write down all of your worries and all of the potential obstacles in your way of those dreams.
👉Then argue against each of those thoughts, ie:

“THAT’S NOT REALISTIC” ➡️ What does realistic really mean? Realistic to who? Why isn’t it? Why does it need to be? How could it be seen as realistic?

“NO-ONE WOULD WANT THAT” ➡️ Is this true? Would YOU want it? In what scenario COULD someone want it?

“WHAT WOULD PEOPLE THINK?!” ➡️ If they did think what you fear they would think, would you make it true for you? Do you really want people in your life that would think negatively of you? Would you want to hang out with dream stealers? Which people WOULD think positively? Wouldn’t you rather please them over the nay-sayers?

“I’LL NEVER MAKE THAT KIND OF MONEY.” ➡️ Why not you? Have you heard of anyone that started their life thinking that and now make millions? How can you prove to yourself this isn’t the case?

“I’M NOT THAT SORT OF PERSON.” ➡️ Do people not create themselves? Do they not learn traits and skills? Why NOT you? What evidence in your life currently shows small proof you ARE that sort of person? How COULD you be that sort of person?