OR are you trying to blend into the crowd?

SO many of us keep our true selves hidden from the world and this thought kills me. YOUR ONE AND ONLY LIFE, acting as if you were someone else – (even just partially) is a crime to yourself and humanity.

Anytime you withhold an authentic part of yourself from someone for fear of rejection or judgement, you loose the chance of ever actually TRULY connecting with that person. They only get this 2D version of you and that’s not true connection, because that’s not truly you.

To live authentically, you have to give up trying to make everyone like you and accept the fact that A LOT of people won’t like you, AND THAT IS FINE!


Some people don’t like peaches. Does that mean peaches are no good? NO, because OTHER people LOVE peaches! Wouldn’t you rather be loved and admired for who you truly are rather than a surface level facade you put on?

Anytime someone is expressing their true weirdo selves, it gives others permission to be how THEY want to be in the world as well. It allows you to live whole-heartedly. What is more attractive than someone living FULLY like this? It’s such a rare thing, but when you witness someone living this fully, YOU NOTICE👀

How great would it be if everyone expressed their full individuality? This is such a dream of mine. Maybe this is why I love Halloween so much – people just letting their freak flag fly! 🧙🧛‍♂️🧜‍♀️🦹‍♀️👩‍🎤🚩 Haha

💋💜 LD