I’ve avoided making decisions in life like they were the plague. Always going back and forth, back and forth.

I was unaware that decisions = personal power.

If you don’t make decisions, you stay stuck and stagnant. You stay in the drama of “what if this” & “what if that.” Imagine TRULY making a decision though. All of the “what if” drama would be GONE. It would open so many more doors in your life and give you momentum only going forward – not staying stuck in fear and anxiety.

One of the reasons I didn’t want to decide on something is because I wanted to be safe and never have to deal with the consequences of what making the “wrong decision” would deliver.

I didn’t want to feel the negative feelings that would surely arise.

📌But consider this:
1. What if there are no right or wrong decisions in life?➡️ Hear me out. What makes a decision right or wrong? Surprise, surprise, it is your thoughts. It’s the thought you choose like, “this is the right thing to do” which sometimes feels like a fact. It really isn’t. It’s just an optional thought. Let me give you an example; One person might think a “right decision” would look like giving money to the homeless. Another person would disagree and say that it would be the wrong thing to do, that they might use that money for drugs and you should give food instead. Neither is right OR wrong. It all comes down to what you WANT to think and if that thought SERVES you.
2. What if the worst thing that would happen to you is a negative feeling?➡️ If you know that feelings are just vibrations in the body that you can process through, it starts to seem almost silly how you go through life avoiding so many things because you are afraid to process a vibration in your body. What most people do though instead is dwell even further on negative thoughts which creates MORE negativity. This isn’t processing emotion. It’s just causing unneeded suffering – all stemming from thoughts when we allow them to run wild and go unquestioned.

*More to come on this in my next post. Until then though:

What decision would you make if you had no fear?

💋💜 LD