Do you want to feel a certain way but it seems so elusive?

If so, what are you thinking would give you that feeling?

Is your answer something external?

What if you didn’t have to wait for anything external to make you feel this way? What if you really could feel that way right now if you wanted to and no-one could stop you?

You’re the one creating your feelings whether something or someone external triggers it or not, so you also have the power to change it (if you want to). This is THE BEST NEWS. It always always always comes back down to your thoughts.

For instance: If you want your boyfriend to buy you flowers so you can feel loved. You are presuming that him taking the action of buying you flowers is generating the feeling of love. What you would be missing is the thought in between his actions and the feeling that you are experiencing. It might be something like “he really does love me” which THEN makes you feel loved. But it’s extremely important to realize that the same boyfriend can also buy you flowers and you can think; “What did he do wrong?” Which would create a feeling of unease rather than love.

YOU create your feelings. NO-ONE else.

So, let’s do an exercise shall we? Really contemplate/write down the following:
✏️What are your top 3 feelings (emotions you feel *most often*, good or bad)?
✏️What are the top thoughts that are creating these?
✏️What are the feelings you WANT to feel regularly?
✏️What thoughts could you choose to think intentionally to get you there?

This is a skill to be built, this feeling good business.  It’s a practice.  Our ancestors only benefited from being on edge and anxious, but we no longer need these feelings to survive.  We can choose to feel WHATEVER we want to feel at ANY point in the day.

My top 3 favorite feelings are: Inspired, Fun Loving and Euphoric.

What are YOUR top 3 favorite feelings?