So many of us FIGHT against “negative” emotions every day, which results in drama circling around us (inside OR outside our minds) and we may not even realize it.

We don’t want to feel angry with our bosses.

We don’t want to feel hurt by our significant others.

But, when we don’t open up and accept negative emotions we make them bigger and do 1 of 2 things:
1. We REACT to emotion.
2. We try to ignore it and push it away.

When we react to an emotion it usually leaves us feeling out of control, regretting how we handled things or hurting others.

When we ignore or push away our emotions it usually leads to behavior like over-eating, over-drinking, or over-indulging in Netflix / Instagram.

Both of these cause negative effects on your life.

BUT, there IS an alternative! And that is to just recognize and become cognizant when you are feeling emotions like: anger, annoyance, sadness, disappointment, etc… And then OPEN up to the feeling. Slow down and check how the emotion feels in your body.

➡️ Side Note: Whenever someone would tell me to notice how an emotion felt in my body I instantly thought, “Ugh! This is some more hippy shit I can’t relate to”.

NOW I realize it’s so important because when we notice how emotions feel in our body, we begin to realize that these emotions that we’re so scared or weary of feeling are JUST physical sensations in our body (heart beating faster, palms sweating, stomach tightening, heat in our chest, etc).

Recognizing this and actually feeling through just the physical sensations will help us to not fear our emotions anymore while also allowing us to process them and not make them worse. We can sit with them. We can observe them. We can be compassionate scientists with ourselves. We don’t have to let negative emotions dictate how we act. We can instead act from a place of integrity and grounding.

So in summary, breathe through the bull-shit. Feel the bull-shit. Let the bull-shit process and pass through. It’s just a passing sensation in your body.

💋💜 LD