I always told myself that one day, when this happens I’ll enjoy my life. When I get this kind of love, this kind of career, this kind of house.

I would live in the future just dreaming about all the things I could do, become, get. In the process, of course, I wouldn’t be focusing on how I want to make my present the best it can be.

This has also had me staying in unfulfilling relationships time in and time out. He will treat me better when this happens. He will surely change that when we get married. He won’t drink as much when I do this, that and the other. Future. Instead of addressing what is happening for me NOW?

How is he treating me NOW? How can I make what I’m PRESENTLY doing fun? How can I be the person I dream of being TODAY?

Life will always be 50/50. Believing this ALWAYS centers me right back down to earth. We should strive in life to make our lives BIGGER, to see what we’re truly capable of or for the pure fun of it but we need to be careful we’re not striving for something we think will make us feel happy or lit up finally. External things will NEVER change your feelings for long. ⠀

Ask yourself these questions:
1. Are you living intentionally or living in the future?
2. Are you waiting on someone or something or a circumstance to change to make you feel good and stay in the present moment?

If so, ask yourself:
3. How can you be more awake or intentional today?
4. What type of feelings do I need to allow to be present today instead of stuffing them with Instagram, Netflix, alcohol, food, etc…?
5. What are a few ways I can make today FUN?
6. What is ONE thing I am truly grateful for right now?

From one daydreaming perfectionist to another I totally understand the future seems so much easier and appealing vs. dealing with all of the negative feelings we currently have but as soon as we stop focusing on the future to fix it, we can start addressing it right NOW. And now is the only time we have.

⚡️💋 LD