Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the excitement of all the possibilities in my life. All of the things I’m beginning to realize I can truly create for myself. Not just nice thoughts and hopes for the future, but REAL possibilities that have become goals that will soon be my reality.

In the past I would think of the same possibilities but would write them off just as fast as they would come in:

❌”That’s not realistic.”

❌”No-one would want that.”

❌”What would people think?!”

❌”I’ll never make that kind of money.”

❌”I’m not THAT sort of person.”

These are our every day thoughts we tell ourselves to keep us safe in the “known” -> Also known as DREAM KILLERS.

Most of us as adults don’t even ALLOW ourselves SPACE to dream💭. We think if we dream we’ll get our hopes up and inevitably get let down. Better not to dream. Better not to try. Letting ourselves down in advance.