Self-consciousness is the fear of being seen, truly seen.

We fear others’ judgment of us. We fear we don’t stack up.

If we thought we were 100% amazing, however, there wouldn’t be that fear.

While it pays BIG time to work on self-worth and confidence, unfortunately, the general fear of rejection will never completely go away.

We are human and have a deep need to be accepted by others.

But knowing the fear of rejection won’t go away doesn’t mean we should stop showing ourselves and start hiding.

You have to really think that through what kind of a life would that be? A life where you play a part and where a mask. Imagine the regret on your death bed… Imagine the true connections you would miss out on.

Having fear and self-consciousness come up doesn’t mean the thoughts you’re thinking are true or that something has gone wrong. It’s usually quite the opposite actually. It means you’re truly experiencing and in ‘the game’ of life. You aren’t hiding away. You’re giving yourself a chance to grow and feel true joy. To be seen for who you are.

The more we hide & cover up, the more people start liking this fake idealized version of ourselves. We’d then have to continue to fake to maintain this sense of connection, as superficial as it may be.

If we can try to reframe this fear and self-consciousness and see them as indicators of growth it will make it easier to continue to keep showing ourselves to the world.

So in summary;
Thinking fear and self-consciousness means there is something truly wrong with you and you should hide -> Leads to becoming stuck and generating superficial connections.

Accepting fear and self-consciousness as apart of the process and still taking action / showing yourself -> Leads to growth and true connections.

How would your life would change if you didn’t let self-consciousness rule you?

⚡️💋 LD