Have you ever felt like you can’t ‘get out of yourself’? To loosen up and be light and spontaneous?

There’s been so many times where I’ve lost my playfulness in life.

This is fine and to be expected from time to time but we can get stuck in seriousness and then everything in our life seems to deflate.

We adapt an all or nothing mindset. Everything becomes black▪️or white.

And for some reason when we’re in the ‘serious’ mode, the ‘black’ thoughts seem especially true. It begins to almost feel like a courageous act to think them on purpose, because after all “we need to face these facts!” Right?!

But your thoughts are usually 97% skewed – they AREN’T facts. They are flexible little things that have the capacity to make and break your day, month or life for that matter!

We tend to start getting into serious modes thinking we know what’s best on things. We have the rule book and the moral superior high ground.

We think thoughts like; “He shouldn’t drive like that”, “She shouldn’t feel like that”, “They shouldn’t act like that” – But ALAS, they do AND they will continue to.

Remember you are that annoying person in someone else’s life too.

The main person that suffers is the person that is thinking these thoughts though and NOT the person we are waving our superiority flag at.

People will do whatever they want to do.

You get to choose how to think about their actions (or your own actions) however you please. You get to choose whatever action YOU will take afterwards as well, but make no mistake; you cannot control their actions.

And knowing that we can’t control others, does judging others or yourself feel good to you at the end of the day? Is it a productive use of your time?

If we released the tight grip over this elusive control we could begin to loosen and lighten up in life. We wouldn’t have to try so hard to control the uncontrollable.

We would know we have power over ourselves and can start there.

What a weight lifted.

How often do you find yourself getting into this “serious” mode?

⚡️💋 LD