The part that is just ‘plain weird’?

The part that has opinions up the wazoo?

The one that gets angry?

Or silly?

Most of us think that we are being ourselves but there are usually hidden barriers that seem small at first, but grow larger and larger and block us from living an authentic life.

Some hide the things they truly enjoy for fear of judgment.

Some don’t express love as openly as they feel for fear of rejection.

Some say; “you’re right sweetie” but don’t believe it and are seething.

Some don’t dance when they FEEL like it because they don’t want to appear silly.

Some don’t stick up for themselves at work for fear of ruffling feathers.

Each small action or inaction like this dissolves our true nature😨. It disconnects us from our life source that we only get when expressing ourselves in the truest way.

Expressing the parts of ourselves we find shameful/weird/wrong/embarrassing/scary, will take courage and vulnerability (not easy or pleasant feelings) but it’s the only way to then get full access to the amazing feelings like alignment, energy, connectedness, true joy, and belonging.

Ask yourself this; “In what little ways am I blocking myself from my truest expression?”

What is one thing you would like to get better at expressing?

⚡️💋 LD