I use to go into work every day looking like this photo (hair & face-wise, not outfit-wise haha).

I loathed it. Work was stealing my freedom. Work was stealing my energy. I felt enslaved.

I would focus on just getting out of the office asap, all to zoom home to numb out with Netflix/Instagram.

Did numbing out with Netflix / Instagram make me feel better? Actually yes BUT only in the short term. It wasn’t adding to my life, it wasn’t taking me where I wanted to go.

If you don’t create happiness in your current circumstances, you will never live in your ideal circumstances.

This is because even when you achieve those ideal circumstances, you still bring your same thought patterns with you. You will eventually hate ‘the new job’ as well.

Instead, take back your emotional responsibility and stop leaving it in the hands of your job (or ANYTHING/ANYONE for that matter). Realize you have been CHOOSING to feel like shit in your job and then decide how you WANT to feel there. Even if you want to quit, the only person your bad attitude is hurting is YOURSELF. It’s VERY simplistic, but not always easy.

Try even taking baby steps and notice the small change.

Instead of thinking: “Work is stealing my freedom”

Take a baby step and choose a thought like:“I can create small moments of freedom at work”

And if you want to take a BIG step:
“I have the freedom to quit work at any point, but I CHOOSE to work because it provides me the things I want in life and I’m grateful for that.”

💋💜 LD