Ever find the funkiest pair of shoes but talk yourself out of them, because “what would people think?!”

Or had an urge to move to the Bahamas and ONLY wear clothing with flamingos on them?

So many of our decisions in life (big and small) are made after considering what “they” would think.

But who are “they” really?

If you sit down to think about who your version of “they” is, you’ll find they are probably the WORST sort of people.

They are never the people who love us unconditionally or even people we genuinely like that much.

It’s the people that we think might judge us. It’s the mean people.

And we subconsciously bend our lives for these people who we can’t even stand!

Why is that?! What gave them the power to judge what is cool or not.

What is acceptable or not? What is moral or not?

We don’t live to the full extent of our authentic selves because of THESE people. It’s crazy if you think about it.

SO, I ask you to reframe your “they” to people you give a shit about. People that care about you and you care about them!


It will ONLY be you suffering or delighting in the consequences.

“If you like it, wear it!”, “If you like the same sex, pursue them”, “If you like pineapples on your pizza”… well then there’s something is wrong with you😜

What rule will you make for YOURSELF?!

⚡️💋 LD