Nowadays most of us find our happiness through scrolling on Instagram, Shopping, Netflix-ing, Over-drinking, or Over-eating.
These methods are what we call “false pleasures”. They lead to a net-negative result in your life. They don’t truly fill you up but instead serve as numbing agents.
The goal is for us to find natural pleasures that ADD (or at least don’t subtract) from our overall well-being.
The more mindful we can be through every day small moments, the more we can pick up on what is truly making us happy. Especially during this COVID crisis, having small simple things to focus on will truly help.
To get your ideas flowing on the search for your own favorite natural pleasures, here are some of my favorites👇:
📚Books (Mind-expanding and Fiction),
🤲Helping People Feel Better,
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Quality Time With Loved Ones,
🤗Heated Blankets,
🧺Fresh Sheets,
🧭Exploring New Places,
🌙Nightly Walks,
🗣Deep Talks,
🤸‍♀️Aerial Silks

💋💜 LD