Spinning in overthinking and confusion?

If you’re anything like me you will be doing this for years, just going over all of the possibilities and potential pitfalls. All of the reasons “I can’t do this now” ➡️ and you’ll come up with very good reasons as to why it’s not a great idea after all. Don’t give into this reasoning. Don’t stop or quit. Keep moving.

This is ALWAYS your mind just trying to keep you safe and comfortable. But how comfortable does it really feel not taking action on your dreams? How comfortable does it feel not living your purpose? I’m sure ok in the short term, but what about the long term.

The more we say “I don’t know” or “I can’t do this” to ourselves the more we self-confirm these beliefs. These are just thoughts though. They are not facts and the more you stay in these thoughts the more you won’t know and won’t be able to do.

ACTION leads to clarity, not over-thinking.

Did you know that the #1 top death bed regret is: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the one others expected from me”?

Let that really sink in.
💋💜 LD