Sometimes we attach to the ‘how’ FAR more than necessary.

The reality is that in most cases we really can’t know exactly what actions will lead us to the results we want.

We need to accept the mystery of EXACTLY how, but we can’t accept complacency either. We must continue to take action.

We need to be tenacious in trying things and if they don’t work, try different ones – all the while putting faith into the fact that ONE day we’ll achieve the result we want, but we need to stay in curiosity during all of that.

We like to tell ourselves “I don’t know how to do this” or “I don’t know what steps to take” and then we DROP IT.

That is one of my brain’s FAVORITE go-to thoughts; “I don’t know” – mMmm keeps me safe from chasing my dreams and potentially failing. Keeps my mind in hibernation mode.

What would happen if we chose this thought instead; “If I did know, what MIGHT be the answer?” -or- “I’m figuring out how.” Notice how the first thought shuts your brain down from finding an answer and these last two get your brain stirring with ideas.

After you generate some potential actions to take on the “how” though, you must then give up the control of which ONE action is going to lead you to your dream result, because at the end of the day, they all will.

Even failures you can check off your list as an accomplishment because it is a step closer to your dream. Now you know what doesn’t work and before you didn’t.

If we do, however, attach to one action directly giving us the result we want we will surely become disheartened and quit when it doesn’t. But when we can continue to take action toward our dreams while fully accepting the mystery of how it will be accomplished at the end of the day, we can stay CURIOUS with ourselves and continually shift our actions to serve our future vision without giving up.

Having goals prompts us to begin taking action but accepting the mystery keeps us CONTINUALLY taking action.

What is one goal you currently “don’t know how” you will accomplish?