The ability to stick to your decisions is = trusting in yourself. It’s you having your own back.

Most of us have a habit of wavering back and forth on decisions. Questioning them and wondering if we did in fact make the right decision after all. This is usually the case when it comes time to take action on it or when fear pops up.

It’s important to know we will ALWAYS question ourselves though. This is not because it’s the wrong decision – it’s just our brain simply doing what it’s meant to do. To find danger. To ‘protect’ itself.

But wavering on our decisions only hinders our progress in life. It keeps us from living a ‘wholehearted’ existence: staying stuck and not going after our dreams/goals.

I like to think of decisions like marriage.

You don’t want to cheat on your decision.

You don’t want to be looking around for better options.

You’ll inevitably find the evidence you did in fact make the WRONG decision (because that is what you are searching for).

At the end of the day, there could be MANY options out there that could lead to a great marriage, but ONLY if you chose ONE.

After the decision has been made, we need to restrict doubting, questioning, and changing our minds.

It’s also important to not judge yourself for past decisions you’ve made in life. Those decisions were the best decisions for you at the time with the limited knowledge you had. Hindsight is always 20/20. Don’t let that go in one ear and out the other. Really hear that.

When you beat yourself up for past decisions, you hinder yourself from making future decisions. You don’t want to feel the shame, that at the end of the day you alone made yourself feel in the first place.

At any point in life you can also choose to make a NEW decision with the NEW information you have. It’s just important not to waver too long and therefore give up your personal power, keeping you stuck.

So make the decision you’ve been needing to make. Like your reasons and don’t second guess them afterwards.

💋💜 LD