I’ve got news for you ->

YOU are the ONLY one creating that emotion for yourself.  Not your mother in law, not your boss, not your financial situation and NOT your boyfriend.

How and in what world?!

We only register with emotion when WE have a thought about something.  And we can choose our thoughts.  If your mother in law is talking about you behind your back, you will ONLY get angry about this after you think something like “She shouldn’t be doing that, how dare her”. This is a powerful thing to realize and take responsibility for.

BUT be very careful not to blame yourself here.  It is only about taking responsibility for your own emotions, not blaming yourself.  This is the best news ever really.  Because YOU are the one making yourself feel bad, YOU are the one that can make yourself feel better!

If you rely on someone else to act in a certain way towards you and they don’t play that part, it will inevitably make you feel bad. Then you will need THEM to make you feel better.  You give all your power away.  Not a great feeling having to rely on someone you’re angry with to make you feel better. And at the end of the day, it’s no one’s responsibility but your own.

Tough to hear.  Tough to take in. Tough to practice. Trust me, I KNOW. BUT if you do take this in and try taking responsibility for your emotions, even just a little bit, you can start choosing how you WANT to feel more and more and selecting thoughts (that you believe) that will get you there.

You and you alone have the power.  This is amazing news.

💋💜 LD