Most people want to have the thing they want first (money, status), then they think they’ll take the actions 🔨that will lead to BEING the person they want to be.

However; the act of “doing” or “not doing” anything is always prompted from a feeling we have. Actions do not come out of nowhere. It’s also important to know similarly that feelings are always caused by thoughts we are thinking. Feelings don’t just pop into your body out of nowhere either (although sometimes it can really feel like that, am I right?!)

Thinking, causes ➡️ Feeling, causes ➡️ Actions

So in summary:
1st – Practice thinking thoughts the person you want to become would think,
2nd – which would generate the feeling that you’d need to feel,
3rd – to therefore take the actions you would need to take,
4th – to achieve what you want to in life. You have to believe and BE the person you want to be first. THAT will lead to inspired “do-ing” which will lead to “having”.

If you are going to take anything away from this post, just remember this:

✅ Be ➡️ Do ➡️ Have
❌ Have ➡️ Do ➡️ Be

Who will you be to get what you want?

💋💜 LD