Do you have “too many tabs” open in your brain or do you think through problems by mentally circling and stirring the pot?

If so, here are 4 things to do when stuck in overthinking. You’ve heard these again and again but there’s a reason for that the key is in the application of them:

Meditation – Helps you start creating the vital space you need to become AWARE of your thoughts. 5 min a day people -> you can do it!

Thought Downloads – By doing a “brain dump” or writing all of your thoughts down at the end or beginning of every day, no matter how crazy they seem, you start to become aware of what is actually going in your brain every day. Don’t judge or edit them in this phase, just write.

Journaling – After you do a thought download, it’s extremely important to question the thoughts that aren’t serving you or that are making you feel bad. The alternative is to allow them to continue circling in your head unquestioned – as you and I both know, they WILL keep circling around up there otherwise.

Move your body – It helps you connect to your body rather than being trapped in your mind. I like to think of it as an evening out a load of energy. If your energy is all trapped in your mind, it will begin to paralyze you. Moving your body also of course releases more feel-good chemicals so if you start to “overthink” positive thoughts, where’s the harm in that?!

So in summary, become aware of your thoughts by meditating, physically write them down, process them through, and get out of your mind and into your body.