Here are just a few ways to get yourself out of it – nothing mind-blowing but we all need reminders don’t we?!:

1. Allow the “funky” emotion going on within you, but don’t add to it, just notice it.
2. Get curious and observe what you are thinking and question every thought. Is this true? How can the opposite be true? Am I magnifying the problem? Etc..
3. Get out and walk in nature. Take a shower. Get out of your head and into your body.
4. Set an intention every morning on an overall feeling you want to create for the day. If you wake up very anxious or sad, you might shoot for the feeling of neutrality. If you are feeling good, you might want to shoot for a feeling of excitement.
5. And of course, it never fails to turn some funky tunes on and SHAKE YO’ BOOOTAYYYY!

Haha but in all seriousness, life is NOT about always trying to find positive emotions. In fact, sometimes we want to feel negative (IE: If someone close to us dies).

It’s important to allow the full spectrum of emotions in your life while not torturing yourself or suffering. If you don’t, you are blocking a vital part of yourself and it prevents you from living your fullest authentic, wholehearted human 50% good / 50% bad life.

But the MOST important thing that I will keep reminding you all of is YOU HAVE A CHOICE IN THE MATTER!

💋💜 LD