Thought I’d bring some lightness to a shitty feeling with this image 😜
Want to feel better? Here are the first 5 out of the 10 steps: (baby steps)

1. What is in your mind vs. the external world? Grasping at external things to make you happy will always leave you disappointed. The work always starts within.

2. Find the internal cause for your emotions ➡️ The answer is always your thoughts. What’s happening in your mind causes your feelings.

3. Know and name your feelings ➡️ When we start to try to name them (ie: Anxious, Desperate, Irritable, Despair, Fear) we start becoming more aware and conscious of them and how they feel differently in our bodies. We start to realize WE aren’t that emotion. That emotion is just passing through us. We then allow the feeling to pass through and not judge it or fight it off.

4. Manage your thoughts ➡️ Because your thoughts cause your feelings, you need to manage your thoughts. Better thoughts, better feelings. This is not about telling yourself affirmations you don’t believe. It’s choosing to think a thought that serves you better that you DO currently believe.

5. Embrace emotional adulthood ➡️ Don’t blame others for how you feel. This leaves you disempowered and completely helpless. Take responsibility for your emotions. That doesn’t mean blaming yourself though. One makes you feel empowered and maybe humbled and the other makes you feel like a failure.
This managing your emotions business will be your business all your life but it’s so worth doing. It’s the difference between letting life toss you around and dictate how happy you’ll be (hint: not) and taking control of your life and shaping it how you want it to be.
💋💜 LD