Of course, you have, we all have!

But why is that? Why can’t we just change when we want to? What is this invisible barrier holding us back?

It’s because we’ve been thinking a certain way for such a long time that our brains have put these thoughts on autopilot. As always, the brain is just doing its job – it wants to be as efficient as possible.

But in knowing that our brain’s knee jerk reaction is to run to the old tried and true beliefs – We can start to expect it and prepare ourselves for the awkwardness or discomfort of change.

We can expect our brains will try to go back on the decision we made to change, to question the reasoning, find potential pitfalls or question if we’re capable or not.

I like to think of old thoughts that aren’t serving you as ex-boyfriends and new thoughts as dating new guys.

Imagine. You are at a bar on a date with the new guy and you are feeling excited but also nervous and in uncharted territory. You know you want to be with him but MAN is it uncomfortable and you don’t want to have to go through all of the awkward dates to feel comfortable with him. Feels like WORK.

In walks your ex-boyfriend. You DON’T want to be with him but he is COMFORTABLE, you know him well and he doesn’t require adjusting to.


This is would be exactly like making a decision to change and then dipping your toes into disbelief and questioning if you made the right decision (AKA, your brain wanting to go back to what it is used to). Slippery slope.

New Date = Practicing NEW thoughts and belief systems.
Ex-Boyfriend = Leaning on comfortable thoughts that lead you to somewhere you DON’T want to be.

Know change won’t come easily. There WILL be discomfort but it’s all for your benefit in the end (unlike the alternative).

SO which kind of girl will you be?

The girl who stays in the awkward feelings of trying on new thoughts or the one that ditches these awkward feelings to make out with an ex-thought?!

⚡️💋 LD