How many memories in the PAST are you wishing didn’t happen because they are preventing you from being who you want to be in the present?

The truth though of course is:
1) In the future, you will not be happy unless you decide to be in THAT present moment.
2)The past has no power over the present moment unless we allow it to by giving meaning to it in the present.

You’ve probably heard this a million times but it’s still really hard to actually accept, right?!

Why do we CONTINUE to keep escaping the present then? We KNOW this.

It is one thing to know something intellectually and quite another to truly know it in your bones.

We escape to the future when we are unwilling to feel bad feelings in our present.

We blame the past so we don’t have to take responsibility for our present.

The present isn’t always euphoric.  That is something that not too many people talk about when addressing “The Power of Now”.

Life is filled with positive and negative emotions. If we are not wanting to experience negative emotions when they present themselves, we will ALWAYS be escaping and running away from our own lives.

Our ONE life.  O-N-E. 1. UNO. ETT. EINS. OK, you get the point!

To feel positive, we MUST know negative.

The more willing you are to feel both sides the more awake and present you will be.

The more you will be truly living.

SO, if we only ever have the present moment, and the present moment has positive and negative emotions, are you WILLING to feel negative to stay present?  To truly live a wholehearted life?

No-one can ever promise the present to be sunflowers and daisies, but it’s all we have.

So who’s up for feeling all the feelings at the moment and not missing any more of your life?!