I had a list a mile long of things to do – hardly any of which got done.

Each day that went by I felt like I was doing all of this work but actually getting nothing I intended to done.

I would swing back and forth between internally beating myself up for it and ‘babying’ myself by hopping on Instagram or YouTube because “I deserve it” -> After babying myself I would then feel guilty about THAT and beat myself up all over again. One always fed into the other – BOTH of which made me feel guilty – BOTH of which didn’t help me get anything done.

Sometimes we have such high expectations of ourselves, which is great, that is until we start becoming a dictator in our own lives.

I had to really stop and acknowledge what I was doing when I thought I was being productive by internally beating myself up. I felt like I had to get myself in line or else I would continue to slack!

But the opposite was true. I needed to take a moment and get curious. The facts were there; beating myself up didn’t make me feel better and neither did babying myself.

Sometimes taking care of ourselves means to actually work (and NOT to ‘baby’ ourselves). But it also means while working, not to beat ourselves up.

If you don’t get something done, get curious and really ask yourself WHY? Did I not allow myself enough free time in between tasks? Did I go into my internal military voice because of it? Did something come up that I wasn’t expecting?

Once you have this information you can plan better for yourself in the future.

The future will NOT be better than it could be today!

Stop beating yourself up in the present so you can hurry up and live in the future. If you do, TRUST ME, you will hate your own company in the future too.

The beatings will never end – so stop now.  I PROMISE YOU, although it feels counterintuitive, it is WAYYY more affective for your productivity AND quality of life.

⚡️💋 LD