➡️ Cue ‘The Mirror of Erised’ for any Harry Potter nerds ;)

Are you her now?

If not, what types of characteristics, habits and feelings would she have?

Do you believe you can bridge the gap between who you are now and your ideal self?

If so ➡️ What will the struggles in between be? What part of your identity is holding you back?

If not ➡️ I want you to imagine identity as a fluid thing. It is changeable and flexible.

Viewing our identity as a “learner” keeps us always reassessing, playing, and exploring in life; following our joy.

There is SO much power in this.

Imagine all of those times you wished you could do something but convinced yourself out of it because “it’s not who you are” for some reason.

Want to be a ballerina at 30? But “you’re too old?”

Train for a triathlon? But “you aren’t a work-out person?”

Chase after your dream job? But “you are too lazy?”

Think about all of the things that sparked your interest but you resisted the thought. What if you went after that? Where would you be now?

I believe whatever brings us joy and sparks our interest IS apart of who “we are” and who we are is ever-changing.
If we form our identity around being learners we wouldn’t get stifled if we got an inkling to do something.

Imagine how much more FUN life would be with this belief system?

Your identity isn’t meant to be a prison sentence.

How we think of ourselves determines almost EVERYTHING in our lives.

Let me help you bridge this gap between your current identity and the ideal self you envision in the mirror.

It is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

What parts of your current identity/self-belief system are holding you back?

⚡️💋 LD