Do you think ‘you are who you are’ and there’s no changing that? -> If so, how did you form ‘who you are’?

You develop yourself from:
1) What your parents/guardians said about you.
2) What your peers said.

👉 Actual OR perceived. Good or bad.

Most of us have formed our permanent identities when we were in Junior High School. That’s when the neural pathways were dug.

Do we really want to own that forever? From what our parents think of us and god forbid what our Junior High peers thought of us?

If those beliefs empower you, great, you lucked out in life, keep them and stop reading this!

If you weren’t as blessed in either or both of those categories, luckily we have a choice. A choice to continue to find and confirm the beliefs about ourselves that are becoming so ingrained within us that we view them as facts -OR- to question them ALL.

👉Am I really innately stupid?
-Where have I been mentally quick or deep?

👉Am I really innately a lazy daydreamer?
-What things have I started with gusto and took action on?

👉Am I really innately a sad person?
-Who would say otherwise? When have I been happy in life?

If it’s a deeply ingrained belief, every question will be a STRUGGLE. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing to loosen up the beliefs that are preventing you from being the person you’ve always wanted to be.

💋💜 LD