Try on a “persona” (aka alter ego).

On and off like a wardrobe change.

Need to do public speaking but you are nervous as hell and thinking a bunch of self defeating thoughts? Need some quick confidence? Try on Beyonce’ (Sasha Fierce to be exact). Side Note: Beyonce herself is already doing this obvi!

Need to get enough courage to tell someone to fuck off? Channel Samuel L Jackson.

Need to learn something but don’t want to feel like an idiot? Channel the persona of a curious child.

Need to stay calm in an anxious or hurtful situation? Channel Pema Chodron.

Some people might think this is weird ➡️ To that I say, it’s only weird if you make it weird, so while you’re at it try on some Richard Simmons.

Some people might say this isn’t being authentically themselves. That this will give them imposter syndrome but personalities and “self-hood” are only concepts. We can be HOWEVER we want to be. We have SO many different facettes to ourselves, some of them don’t always get the attention they need to stick around ➡️ This is when we call in personas. To bring us the beliefs about ourselves and the courage we need that we haven’t yet mastered ourselves.

💋💜 LD