As a recovering perfectionist myself, I know all about the ways we hide and keep ourselves small.

We don’t want to deal with the vulnerability of putting ourselves out there and possibly failing.

It would ruin this shield of protection (aka illusion of perfection) we have created for ourselves.

We don’t want to feel the shame that accompanies judgement and rejection, so we layer on our masks of perfection so we can be accepted, loved and admired.

But keeping this mask of perfection keeps our true selves in hiding. In fear. Playing small and safe; BUT we have to realize that if people love that ideal person we’ve created, WE still know that it’s not who we truly are so we wouldn’t be able to take in and truly receive that love anyways, so what’s the point?

If we just realized that the worst thing that could happen to us is a feeling (which is literally just a sensation in the body) we could loosen the death grip fear has on us.

We will ALWAYS feel fear. It will NEVER go away if we’re expanding and evolving. We just need to greet fear with open arms. We need to walk towards the fear and invite it in. We need to “feel the fear and do it anyways”.
💋💜 LD