Belief systems are the most powerful things in the world.

They have the power to heal the world or to start wars.

They have the power to skyrocket you in life or destroy your life.

Self-beliefs are the bedrock of predicting what results you’ll create in life.

The most dangerous part of belief systems, however, is that they go unquestioned. They seem like ‘just the FACTS’ in our mind.

Just because you believe something, doesn’t make it true.

Boy-oh-boy they FEEL true though. But we’re all capable of CHOOSING our own personal beliefs at any time. Beliefs are just preferences of thought – again, NOT a matter of what is true or not.

Beliefs about the world and about ourselves are formed at VERY early ages and feel entangled in our identity. This can be disheartening if your beliefs aren’t serving you.

You just think; “this is the way I am” or “this is the way the world is.”

But these belief systems are just thoughts we’ve gotten used to thinking over and over for years. NOT FACTS‼️

If our thoughts aren’t serving us, we can tackle and question them one by one.

That is not to say you shouldn’t keep the beliefs you WANT to keep, but it is extremely important to take a close look at YOURS and ask yourself if they’re serving you. Are they leaving you better off or worse off?

If you want to believe that you are the BEST singer in the world, you are allowed to, even if no-one else agrees.

It’s true, no-one can take that away from you if you don’t let them!

If you want to believe you are the WORST singer in the world, you are also allowed to believe that.

But which is more empowering?

Are you choosing beliefs that serve you or maintaining the ones that don’t?

What beliefs will you be keeping or throwing away?