We all love to spend time dreaming of a better life.

A life where we do what we’re most passionate about.

We have the money we want.

We have the love we want.

Some of us try not to dream at all for fear of disappointment in not achieving them.

But what’s between a dream (a thought) about your future and the result of living that dream?

ACTION and the FEELINGS that will drive those actions.

What prevents us from taking ACTION on these then? Why don’t we have them already?! Why do we let everyday justifications and excuses get in our way?

Because we accept dream killer thoughts like; “It seems so hard”, “It will take so long”, “I don’t know how to get there”, “I’m confused” – We then fall back in our comfort zone of doing what we’ve always done. Takes less mental energy that way and our brains are ALWAYS trying to conserve energy.

We 1st have to acknowledge that NOT going after our dreams is either JUST as uncomfortable if not more uncomfortable then actually going after them and failing.

When you feel like falling into “habit”, think about what really happens when you do. All of the mental energy you exert complaining, wondering ‘what if’, judging yourself for not taking action, feeling bad about all of that, then need MORE ‘false joys’ like Netflix/Instagram/Drinking to cover it up. The cycle continues.

Acknowledging that WHICHEVER way you choose will have discomfort, which type of negative feeling will you choose?

The discomfort that comes immediately when doing new things and chasing after your dreams or the discomfort that comes a bit later when you realize your life is passing you by?

You are CHOOSING whether you are being intentional about it or not.

What can you take action on NOW, KNOWING you’ll feel discomfort (and it’s all a part of the process)??