I sometimes like to imagine our circumstances (ie: things we can’t change in the world or things outside of us: Other people, events that have happened, etc…) as crystal clear water.

This clear water is neutral. Circumstances are neutral.

That is until we add anything to it (our thoughts).

Imagine your thoughts as a drop of colored dye in a crystal spring.

The thoughts you choose, however small it seems, will spread and cover the entire spring in whichever color you choose.

◼️I imagine black dye as excessive negative thoughts. Infiltrating the crystal water. Not pretty added in a spring and not pretty in your head.

When the dye seeps through the water that will be all you can see. This will be your new perspective.

🟪 What if you chose instead to color it something inspiring or fun? Or loving and peaceful?

Don’t let your negative thoughts permeate your psyche. YOU are the one pouring the dye.

What color will you choose?

💋💜 LD