Here are some unexpected ways self-care shows up in every day life:

Making the best decision you can at the time and NEVER beating yourself up about it. Knowing you can always make a new decision at any point with NEW information.

It means getting curious with yourself when you are feeling bad instead of fighting it off or judging the feeling.

Constantly assessing your boundaries and putting them up where needed.

Rest vs. Productivity:
Knowing when you are actually tired vs. just being lazy and giving up on what you said you would do that day. Self care could be doing something productive OR resting.

It’s using your prefrontal cortex to assess what you want in the future and taking actions in the present to get there.

It’s doing what you say you’ll do – especially when you promise yourself.
It’s eating nourishing foods your higher self would be proud of.

How do you care for yourself?

💋💜 LD