Do you think self-confidence is when you’re already competent in something?

Do you think self-confidence is when you’re just genetically lucky?

I like to distinguish between confidence and self-confident.

Confidence is when you are already competent in something.

Self-confidence on the other hand is having faith in yourself that you can do and become competent in anything you put your mind to.

Self-confidence is having a growth mindset. Never giving up on something just because you are terrible at it. Never giving up on your dreams even if you’ve failed at countless things. A knowing you will figure it out and that it is all a process. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Self-confidence is being a great beginner.

Many of us never try anything because we don’t feel confident. But we don’t realize that confidence COMES from trying. Trying many times. Failing MANY times. Believing in the process the entire way. This is self-confidence. Belief in your potential.

What is something you would do if you were self-confident enough?

💋💜 LD