I have always had a tendency to be a really big dreamer.

I would see so many possibilities and so many fun things I could explore and pursue in life.

I’d try to live in this state of possibility, dreaming for as long as possible. Dreaming of the “one day”, building the perfect life for myself.

And then I would turn around and it would be that one day already and I hadn’t done much to make these dreams a reality.

Cue the creeping in of shame!

Not wanting to feel the shame, I’d fall into denial and want to escape and slip right back into fantasy land, continuing the cycle.

Dreamers usually come with this AMAZING capacity to imagine so many possibilities but this capacity normally comes with irritating back-seat drivers named: self-doubt, confusion, and procrastination.

It’s helpful to think of these back-seat drivers just like young children in the back seat. They should be allowed to voice their opinions of where they want to go all they want, but they do not get the authority to vote, fiddle with the GPS 🧭and are ABSOLUTELY banned from driving. The adult in the front seat (aka your evolved brain) has ultimate driving control. You know what’s best.

Think of where all of these dreams could take you if you didn’t let the “young children” in the back seat drive.

To realize your innate power to make those dreams your reality. To take action on them while accepting self doubt, confusion and urges to procrastinate as part of the process, just needlessly voicing their opinions and wasting their breath.

We are powerful creators of our happiness, our life and its possibilities.

How would your life change if you didn’t listen to the “young children” in the back seat?

⚡️💋 LD