Did you spell something wrong or trip in public?

Did you lose your job or marriage?

In big ways or small ways, we’ve all experienced shame. It’s one of the most intense and painful feelings there is. Shame is the feeling that we are unworthy of love. That there is something innately wrong with us.

It’s the voice telling us we need to hide parts of ourselves in order to be loved and accepted.

“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change” – Dr. Brene Brown

When we feel like we can’t change but want to be loved it seems like our only choice is to hide the parts of ourselves we don’t find acceptable.

But we DO have another choice; a completely contradictory hard-as-hell in the moment choice…

And that is to have COURAGE.

Courage specifically to feel VULNERABLE.

Showing our vulnerability might feel like the scariest thing to do at the time, but NOT embracing vulnerability is far more scary and dangerous. It would mean giving up on true, belonging, and joy. All of which REQUIRE vulnerability and therefore courage.

It is not comfortable, but neither is shame.

You are human. You are FILLED with faults. And with that being fully acknowledged, the fact that you are 100% worthy of love (authentic, real love) remains true. Truer BECAUSE of the faults, not in spite of them!

What parts of your life is shame playing a role in?