The last time you laughed uncontrollably or expressed yourself without holding back?

When was the last time you felt truly FREE?

As kids, we freely explore through life. Fiddling, playing, learning. Expressing sadness, happiness, and anger freely…

At some point in our adulthoods, we pass an invisible barrier that tells us that NOW is the time to shape up and fit in.

Now is the time to get serious and less expressive..

We become copies of other people and blend in till we can’t tell where our extremities end and another begins..

This happens because we want to be accepted by a community. It’s one of our most basic instincts.
We also start hiding parts of ourselves because others might find them silly, harsh, annoying, too sensitive, or intense.

But every time you do this routine of hiding parts of yourself I want you to notice what happens.

It is very subtle but soul-crushing in the end.

You lose a bit of YOU.

When you block parts of yourself that some people don’t like, you automatically block parts that people DO like..
Example: If your boyfriend doesn’t like it when your voice gets excitable or loud, you might start to try to curtail it or dull it down. But this leads you into being quieter and quieter. It restricts your expression and he then loses the part of you that is excited about life!

We normally don’t see the correlation, but it’s just because once we stifle PART of our expression, it bleeds into stifling other forms of expression that aren’t even in the same category..

Blocking silliness 🚫 could block you from standing up for yourself.
Blocking anger 🚫 could block your connection.
Blocking sensitivity 🚫 could block courageousness.

All not directly correlated but that’s the nature of blocking ourselves. We don’t know what other areas in our lives it will affect and bleed into.

And just for the record, this is in no way saying it’s OK to be an asshole! Speaking your truth can be an art. But it’s a necessary art and needs to be expressed if we are to live truly WILD wholehearted lives.

Where in life do YOU feel stifled?

⚡️💋 LD