It might look like:
-Going after a different dream and finding out it’s not for you.
-Putting yourself out there and getting rejected.
-Investing in something that hasn’t paid off.

But what if we didn’t look at these as mistakes in life?

What if we saw these as necessary steps to get us to our dream?

-If you didn’t go after that other dream, you wouldn’t know it was the wrong one.
-If you didn’t put yourself out there and get rejected, you wouldn’t have known that that direction/person wasn’t for you.
-If you didn’t invest in something that didn’t pay off, you would still be toying with the idea of investing in it.

These might seem like setbacks on the surface, but all of these mistakes lead you one step closer to your dream.

Being open to getting it wrong is the only way you can take real, MASSIVE action.

And massive action + FAILING are the currency of your dreams.

So go out there and make mistakes and let yourself feel EMPOWERED by them.

What possible mistake could you make right now to lead you closer to accomplishing your dream?

⚡️💋 LD