When we think about what we don’t have (which, turns out is MOST things in the world), we think these are ‘just the facts’.

When we don’t have MOST things though, what is the point of thinking that? Seems redundant and non-sensical, no?

It’s like saying the sky is blue… And your point is?

But this form of ‘stating the facts’ actually affects you negatively – unlike stating the sky is blue.

It’s more like stating “woe is me” that the sky is blue.

You always have TWO ways of looking at the world and what you have:

-> 1st way is through Scarcity – This is when we look at everything we DON’T have and how unhappy we are.
-> 2nd way is through Abundance – This is when we look at everything we DO have and how grateful we are for it.

We often think we have to concentrate on the things that we don’t have or WE’LL NEVER GET WHAT WE WANT! We think this drives us. But let’s break down what truly happens with the “scarcity hand” in life:
1. You think: “I wish had more money, I hate being broke.”
2. Notice what emotion that thought brings up. It’s more than likely a feeling of “defeat”.
3. When you feel defeated, what do you find yourself doing? Probably not a lot. Even if you are a bit motivated by the negative self talk and get some small action towards it done, it will not be sustainable.
4. Which finally leads to you to still not having any money and thinking MORE thoughts about how you wish you had it.

Let’s look at this from an “abundant hand” in life:
1. You think: “I’m learning how to generate more money.”
2. Notice what emotion THAT thought brings up. Probably more along the lines of “curiosity”, “hope” or “motivation.”
3. When you feel let’s say, curious, what do you find yourself doing? Probably researching more into ways you COULD make more money. Probably trying different things; figuring out how this money thing works.
4. Which finally leads you to ACTUALLY having money.

I used to roll my eyes at this stuff because I used to think positive thoughts just felt less true somehow.

BOTH beginning thoughts are JUST AS TRUE though. But one of these serves you SO much better than the other.

You don’t have to be abundant by telling yourself something you don’t believe. Tell yourself something you DO believe but that serves you better than what you’re currently choosing to think.

Now contemplate how this abundant mentality might apply to the rest of your life. With your job, with your significant other, with your body, etc…

Out of 10 (10 being 100% abundant), what quality are your thoughts right now?

⚡️💋 LD